Flute Time Vol. 2

Flute Time Vol 2 Joep Wanders ISBN 705742

Flute Time Vol. 2
3 flutes
ISBN 705742

Flute Time Vol. 2

Additional information:

  • isbn 705742
  • Level: Grade 2-3
  • Theme: Light music
  • Instruments: 3 flutes

More Information

The Styles in Flute Time Vol. 2 differ from those used in the first book. “Flutethology”, for instance, is written in the bebop tradition. “Rhythm for Three” employs the so-called “Rhythm”-schema.
Together, the last five pieces form the “Suite Brasileira”. These Brazilian
dances can be played either seperately or as a suite.

There is a scope for improvisation too.  The pieces are slightly more difficult than those in the first book. The range is extended (up tot a3) and the more complex
rhythms feature semiquaver figures.