Go for Guitar Basic!
Gitaarboek Go for Guitar Basic Joep Wanders isbn 715759

Go for Guitar Basic
Guitar Solo
ISBN 715759

Go for Guitar Basic!

Additional information:

  • Solo Guitar Method 
  • 2 Cd’s: instruction + play-along
  • isbn: 715759
  • Skill level: Grade 1
  • Theme: method for  beginners
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More Information

GO FOR GUITAR…BASIC Introduction with instruction as well as a play-along-CD.  
Go for Guitar…Basic describes the most common basic guitar techniques.
The beginner is introduced to a wide range of styles: latin, classic, pop, rock, jazz and folk music of different continents (world music).

You can play the pieces with CD accompaniment. The right hand can be played with the classic technique. Choose the plectrum to prepare for the electric guitar.  Music Box is a repeated section in which the student is asked to play and notate a short tune.  Chord playing and accompaniment are also treated. The last part of the book examines this aspect more closely. There are chord symbols for most of the pieces, so that there is an accompaniment without CD.

Grade 1