Guitarra Tirando
Gitaarboek Guitarra Tirandco-Joep-Wanders-isbn-708329

Guitarra Tirando
Guitar Solo
ISBN 708329

Guitarra Tirando


  • isbn 708329
  • Level: Grade 1-2
  • Theme: Tirando stroke
  • with instruction CD
Vorige slide
Volgende slide

More Information

Guitarra Tirando consists of 39 compositions in which the focus is on the tirando stroke. In most of the pieces the left hand has relatively little to do, so that the student can concentrate on right-hand movement and the tirando technique.

A variety of styles are represented, ranging from blues and South-American to classical. Guitarra Tirando is easily adapted to most current guitar methods and music, and is an indispensable step towards the development of a fully-fledged guitar technique. With instruction CD.

Grade 1-2