Information The Unlimited Guitar

The Unlimited Guitar
Guitar Solo
ISBN 705937V

The Unlimited Guitar

Additional information:

  • isbn: 705937V
  • Level: Grade 1-2
  • Theme: Light Music
  • with instruction/play-along CD

More Information

Aanvullende informatie over het boek26 pieces with wellknown compositions such as Home on the Range, Danny Boy, Turkey in the Straw, The Green Leaves of Summer as well as brandnew pieces.  The styles are varied and familiar like rumba, blues, jazz, salsa and ragtime.  The last piece of the book is a latin-american duo.  To make the pieces as accessible as possible we have supplemented traditional notation with the tablature system.  The CD is both instructive and “playing along” with.  Co-author of the album is Gerrit de Boer.  Grade 3-4