Information Tirando CompleteĀ 

Tirando Complete
2 Guitars
ISBN 911872

Tirando Complete

  • isbn 911872
  • Level: Grade 2-3
  • Theme: Accompaniment / Duet
  • Instrumenents: 2 guitars or 1 guitar and C-instrument

More Information

TIRANDO COMPLETE contains 32 pieces for 2 guitars or 1 guitar and C-Instrument.  After the sucesful albums Guitarra Tirando and Pro Tirando this album is specially developed for using the tirando stroke in accompaniment. Lots of singer songwriters use this technique for their songs. Some of the pieces are traditionals including the lyrics. You can play and sing the melody or play this as a duet in combination with guitar or any C-instrument. Others are new made compositions and have a instrumental melody.
Grade 2-3